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We look forward to creating the perfect piece of art for you! Please read all info below before submitting a request. Check out our artists and their work here.

Do not send the same request to multiple artists.

Once you have submitted a request, LOOK IN YOUR SPAM/JUNK MAIL for our replies. Please allow us time to process your request. Scheduling may take a few days, or even weeks, and is dependent on several factors including the amount of information you provided in details and the flexibility of your availability. For the best results, please include several options for scheduling (not just a single date) and all tattoo details (location, size, color, etc.). If you need a cover-up, please include a picture of existing tattoo.


Because of the number of requests we receive, delayed response may result in rescheduling.  Please respond to offers within 3 days. If you no longer wish to move forward with your request, the courtesy of notification is greatly appreciated. Remember to check your JUNK/SPAM folders, as sometimes our automated system and responses end up there.

We are a small and busy shop. We are worth the wait! We have amazing artists who will do a great job to make you happy with a piece of art you will be proud to wear permanently.


Thank you very much,

The Skin Hooked Team



Please select preferred artist and complete the form with DETAILS to minimize wait time (description, size, colors, ideas, placement, multiple days of availability/black out dates). 


Small tattoos (ie. single/few words, paw prints, up to 3" no color) can be accommodated on Wednesdays. No form needed.

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