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Scheduling News Update 9/19/2023

 * Shawn is currently scheduling into late October

Brad is currently scheduling into late October.

* Please provide availability of several weeks, not one day.


**If you requested an appointment with Holly and have not gotten a reply, please resubmit a request with Brad or Shawn.**

Please read instructions and terms carefully.


* We are still hosting Walk-In-Wednesdays for SMALLS!

* Be sure to get there EARLY to secure your spot!

 *Thank you for choosing Skin Hooked! *

News @ Skin Hooked

We're thrilled to have Abigail on board at Skin Hooked!

She is now booking appointments with our online scheduling application!

Exciting News!! Piercing clients now have the capability to choose and schedule appointments online with Celeste! Deposit required.

Here's how:

Walk-ins are still available.

We've updated our website to include more payment methods for deposits!

(We still prefer cash.)

Skin Hooked Gift Certificates are available in the shop.

Online availability (hopefully) coming soon!

We are pleased to welcome Abby Thurston to our Skin Hooked team! For now, she's going to be joining us on Tuesdays and Walk-In-Wednesdays! Be looking for us to post more on Abby soon. We are sure that she is going to be a great asset to our shop family.

Shawn is currently scheduling appointments for weekdays in December.

Shawn has no Saturday appointments left for 2023.

Brad is currently scheduling into the end of November- early December.

Celeste and Brian are Rock Stars and have daily opening for piercings!

Visit us at to get your appointment scheduled!

Thank you for choosing Skin Hooked!

Scheduling forms are now open for the following artists until further notice:

Brad Taylor

Shawn Hawks

* If you submitted a tattoo request form for Holly and have not gotten a response, please resubmit a request for either Shawn or Brad.

Please complete an online application form for the artist of your choice to be considered for appointments.

*Please read instructions carefully.

*Deposits are not to be paid until you have correspondence with your artist, but they are due when you accept the date.

*Please allow at least one week for application processing.

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